Renée Meloche is the author of short stories, poems and novels, and the co-host of Listen 2 Me podcast.

Renée (any pronoun) is a queer writer spinning short stories, poetry and essays out of the wintry Alberta air. She lives with her husband and two adorable (if exacting) dogs. Renée is a podcaster, a corgi wrangler, a former florist, and a current member of the Writer’s Guild of Alberta. Renée’s poetry has appeared in NoD Magazine Vol. 27 and Lida Literary Issue 3 and their micro-fiction piece ‘The Dangerous’ was published as one of Blindman Brewing/CKUA Radio’s 2021 Session Stories. Click here for a full list of Renee’s writing credits.

The weird and wonderful, wrapped up in a couple thousand words or less. Read some of Renée’s short stories here.

Experimental verses, prose and long form poetry that Renée has been working on.

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Renée is one half of Listen 2 Me, the foremost queer creative podcast offering unqualified life & career advice from two qualified, queer career creatives. Read more about it here!

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