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2021 Redux & Redemption

I closed out 2021 on a challenging note: losing my last living grandparent to COVID. I had wanted, initially, to do a retrospective of the year. I saw a lot of my peers putting out similar content, which inspired and galvanized me and filled me with an odd sort of despair. Anymore it seems that…

A new year of grief

Whether personal or pandemic-sized, grief is heavy. You can spread your grief over an entire world or narrow it down to one acute pain point; either way, the effort of carrying it will wear you down.

No-Post November

Or, My On-Going Struggle With Social Media Every morning in November I got up and made a cup of velvety, floral coffee from the Iconoclast Roasters blend that my friend Amandah brought me. While I did make three Instagram posts this month, none of them were about the coffee. I didn’t take any pictures of…

Autumn Calling (September Round Up)

September is over already, which I find incredibly rude. I don’t know where the summer went (although if I’m being brutally honest, it feels like I blinked once in January 2020 when I opened my eyes, I was here). Today, September 30, 2021, is Canada’s first National Day for Truth & Reconciliation, in response to…

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