Listen 2 Me is a labour of love between two life-long friends and queer career creatives.

Meet the Qualified Queer Creatives


Renee is the bifurious Mom friend you didn’t know you needed. She’ll yell at you for talking smack on yourself and then spend the next twenty minutes telling you how #amazing you are anyway. A volunteer editor, member of her local Writer’s Guild and writer of short stories, novels and poems, she’s working to get her first piece published ANY DAY NOW. Currently living in the frozen wastes of Edmonton (that’s in Canada!), she’s raising two corgis with her partner in life and culinary endeavours, while working full time as a professional email answerer.

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Gio hasn’t stopped talking since he started, so his whole life has been leading up to the moment he decided to make a podcast. He created his own graphic design company after escaping the hamster wheel of #corporate Toronto (that’s in Canada!). Gio has worked with #fashion designers, international sportswear brands, Amazon (yes, that Amazon), Pride festivals, and many more local outfits in his current stomping grounds of #Windsor (that’s in Canada!). He’s very passionate about his work and very humble, but that hasn’t stopped him from setting his career ambitions as high as he can reach (which it’s pretty high, he’s 6’3”).

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Do you want to be healthier? Be more productive? Cultivate self-love? So do we!

Spend some time with two old friends every Wednesday as we deep dive into the world of self-improvement and creative achievement. Renee and Gio are lifelong queer creatives who are fun, witty and missing from your life. We love giving unsolicited, unqualified advice—and sometimes it’s even pretty good! Now we’re bringing it to your ears.

Listen to us: it’ll be worth it.

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E54 · Whitney McGruder : Wit & Travesty Listen 2 Me

Whitney McGruder (she/her) always knew she wanted to be an author. 📖 Along with her husband Travis, Whitney offers editing services to upcoming authors and writes her own, with two book published in her The Destiny Seeker series. Her passion for writing and creating content on Instagram for other authors aims to spread the ✨good vibes✨ and information that she's received in the online writing community. Whitney wants to destigmatize self-publishing and chats with Gio and Renée about navigating the goals of being a published author without engaging in traditional publishing, and how creating connections with fellow writers instead of viewing them as 'competition'. Sidebars include The 10th Kingdom fanfiction; the importance of #ownvoices in traditionally published fiction; and Whitney's partnership with Find Whitney on social media @whit2ney, connect with her at, and sign up for her newsletter here! Want more L2M? Go to to find out how you can keep the show going! See more of our work: Gio at and Renée at
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