"My heart aches to-like-as the Moon's," my mother used to sayWhat does a young child know of how the heart aches? Was it the Moon's yearning heart that drew in the tidesLike a bosom to which lovers were always clasped in my mother's books of romance?Was the eclipse the fire in the eye of a… Continue reading romance

Copy-Ad Woman

long lasting lasheshelp her stay freshsilky smoothnothing ruffleddry for a manluscious yet light put on a facebrighter than your fattened-uplengthened-outbody like heaven the shapeready to be discoveredwherever you gowhy just blush when you canget with him forget what they saybe strongdefy conventionbe daringactuallytake it off I wrote this as part of National Poetry Month this… Continue reading Copy-Ad Woman


In the deep belly of the house while everyone sleeps, I feast I lick Dead lice from the cupboard backs and scurry Restless, Whispers in the bedclothes nourish me Contented Fat bellies rising and falling Are my reward. It is me guarding the larder Keeping the gates from blowing open in the strong wind Gathering… Continue reading Домово́й


My mouth is a flat line and notAn invitation to draw on red lips likeA measure of my patience, boy it's Metered by the minute I don'tCare what your friends told you aboutWomen like me we aren'tHere to hold your hand orSteady your nervesThe colours that stand out in the wildare usually a warning. I… Continue reading notice

well, what have we heard

The town crier finds me slumped over my own porch step at dawn Don't kick me when I'm down Downed Drowned my sorrow gurgling like a babbling brook Broke Bricked the bell ringing over the square the bell curve the curve of the glass The curl of her hand as she gentled shut the door… Continue reading well, what have we heard