Autumn Calling (September Round Up)

September is over already, which I find incredibly rude. I don’t know where the summer went (although if I’m being brutally honest, it feels like I blinked once in January 2020 when I opened my eyes, I was here). [Photo ID: Government of Canada logo for the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation, with the… Continue reading Autumn Calling (September Round Up)

Writing, Rewriting, Those Endless Summer Days & The Rude Return of Fall

I haven't written a blog in a while, but I promise there is actual writing-related content buried in here. Just let me wax poetic about the seasons first, real quick (...and if you don't have the time and you know what you're here for, I'll throw a little header over the writing bit, so you… Continue reading Writing, Rewriting, Those Endless Summer Days & The Rude Return of Fall

REVIEW: The Problem with Quentin

I've been reading more than usual. On one hand, that's a good thing. You can't write without reading. Good stories aren't released into a vacuum; nor should they be written in one, I think. Reading affords an opportunity to let other people inspire you, for better or for worse. This post is definitely going to touch… Continue reading REVIEW: The Problem with Quentin